FAD Enveloppes

A fundamental element

A fundamental element of the AfDB Group’s core activities and one of the ADF’s comparative advantages.

25% of the ADF replenishment is set-aside to support Regional Operations in ADF countries. This share increased from 15 to 25% between ADF-10 and ADF-15.

15% of the RO envelope is dedicated to support Regional Public Goods in ADF countries.

The RO engagement is guided by the Regional Operations Selection and Prioritization Framework (ROSPF) as reviewed in 2021 to incorporate key concerns raised by Deputies during the ADF-15 negotiation especially the regional aspect of fragility.

This Framework balances expected development outcomes and country performance. It also rationalizes the selection and prioritization process for ROs and Regional Public Goods (RPGs) into three steps:

Step one entails checking for country ownership, strategic alignment with the Bank’s and continental commitments such as the Program for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) and whether policy aspects have been integrated into the design of the project proposed.

Step two consists of a pre-screening phase involving scoring based on criteria such as project readiness, alignment with the Bank’s High 5 operational priorities and the

The final step is to score and rank the projects based on indicators such as country involvement and commitment to regional integration, as well as the expected development outcomes

Incentive and Multiplier effect

Since ADF-13, the participation of Transition States in ROs was strengthened through the use of TSF Pillar I resources and enhanced cost-sharing mechanism where countries can leverage their PBA resources through the RO